Have the Stars in the Sky Darkened?

An autobiography by Zvi (Herschele) Waldman

English translation by Susann Codish, TOMEDES Ltd., Tel Aviv

Second Hebrew Edition: September 1999
Editor of Hebrew Original: Bat-Ami Melnik
Zvi (Herschele) Waldman, born in 1925 in Łaskarzew, Poland
Photographed in 1946 at Kibbutz Ginosar, Israel


At the core of this autobiography, set mostly during the turbulent years of World War II during the Nazi occupation in a small town in rural Poland, lies the heart-wrenchingly sweet, innocent love story between the author and his second cousin, a vivacious, high-spirited girl his own age. It is a story that begins in their early childhood, in the idyllic pre-war era, and continues into the harsh reality of the Holocaust. Persecuted and hunted like prey, the two, fight for their survival and endanger themselves time and again in a desperate, brave attempt to save their loved ones.


In July 2016, the Hebrew and English digital versions of this book were accepted into the digital libraries of the following museums:
  • Yad Vashem in Israel
  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington (USHMM)
  • The Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Poland
A copy of the original book in Hebrew was accepted at Yad Vashem in 1999, and the USHMM in 2016.